Album Recordings

Here is a listing of albums Bjørn Are have been Recording. Some productions he has recorded and produced the whole album and others he have recorded parts. What parts is listed on the album.

SG Holter

St.Jude #23

Recorded and produced

Vinyl Track list 2018

Side a: 

The Friends That I Got Now

And The Killer Is Still Out There

Dont Say

Ultimate Romance

Side B:


One Eyed Demon

Gone Slow

River Run Dry


Side C:

Cell (Unfiltered)

My Old Man Bought Me This Coat (Unfiltered)

Side D:

Break Water (Unfiltered)

Keep Your Candles Burning (Unfiltered)

Metallheads Against Bullying Records 


Svarte Sekunder

Vocal production

Vinyl track list 2023:

Side A:

Side B:

Aural Music/Worm Hole Death



Vocal recording

Vinyl track list 2022:

Side A:

Death the whore


Time for Chaos


Side B:

Secterian Bloodshed

Prevail in Silence

Bride of Christ

From the depths (bonus)

Aural Music/Worm Hole Death

King of Skulls

Satan on the Dancefloor

Recorded and produced

Vinyl track list 2023:

Side A:

Did Not Ask You to Invite me In

Cradle of Satan

Come on Over

So It Goes

When All Is Gone

Side B:

King of Skulls

Satan On The Dancefloor

Fuck You O`Lord

When the fat Lady Sings

Children of the grave

King of Skulls Records