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King of Skulls "Satan on the Dancefloor"

The kickassinyaface debute album out 1 of august!!

Limited edition Gatefold, red vinyl and exclusive art booklet!

Limited to 300 copies!


GoatLord side:

Did Not Ask You to Invite me In

Cradle of Stan

Come on Over

So It Goes

When All Is Gone

Decaying Christ side:

King of Skulls

Satan On The Dancefloor

Fuck You Olord

When the fat Lady Sings

Children of the grave

"Satan on the Dancefloor" is a bold exploration of sound, blending infectious melodies and thought-provoking lyrics!

With a fearless approach and a refusal to conform to mainstream trends, King of Skulls has crafted an album that challenges the norm, delivering a unique listening experience that is both raw and energetic.

A Distinctive Sound: "Satan on the Dancefloor" showcases King of Skulls' ability to seamlessly blend alternative rock, post-punk, and darkwave influences into a cohesive sonic tapestry. The album's tracks range from energetic and infectious to introspective and emotive, offering a dynamic range of emotions and musical styles.

But don`t take our word for it. Read what these guys has to say!

«There’s claustrophobia, then there’s mania…episodes of real trauma. There’s fear and fun involved. A stark, naked approach to reality, or what’s left of it.

But you know what? There’s beauty in the dark night of the soul, don’t you ever belittle the channeling properties of such an undertaking.

People very easily forget there’s enjoyment in being adequately uncomfortable, this thing right here is a great reminder.

Raw, unadulterated, avantgarde and in your face. If you dare to look, that is…but perhaps even more importantly, dare to listen.»


Insidious Disease, Dimmu Borgir

«Bro, this album is so fucking cool! My first impression is late 70s/early 80s British New Wave, where it would have fitted in seamlessly.However, it’s on heavy rotation atm! Congrats!»

Joachim Luetke

«This album is about more than just the music.

Personally, it's about life, death, and the beyond. It represents people in both good and bad ways, and through a fantastic and vibrant expression, it becomes a masterpiece.

Each picture interprets its own story, which is encapsulated by the music and lyrics as a whole.

In conclusion, I would say that perfection lies in imperfection, creating a particularly fascinating and exciting artistic expression.»


Susperia,Insidious Disease, Sarke

«First listen done and I just have to say that this is FREAKING GOOD! Immediate favorites are many, but I have to mention FOUL, It Goes, Laugh Now and The Corpse. Amazing ending on the latter!! You remind me at times of old Butthole Surfers mixed with The Jesus Lizard and the wildest stuff of Ween. I love it!"»

Pete Evil

Mongo Ninja, Blood Tsunami 

«This album is by far the most eclectic, weird and catchy thing I've heard in years. Let's put Bowie on acid bashing Tommy Iommi's face in with a toaster made of kitsch and yes; this is what it sounds like. It's musically deep, it is clever and it's raw. This is the dark and poetic soundtrack to the demise of humankind. We didn't know we needed this, yet here we are. This music is complemented with a rich selection of visual imagery looking like what would be expected from the local artistin Pont-Saint-Espiritin 1951. It is disturbing.This is notwildmadness, but skillfully calculated by people who possibly shouldn't walk the streets with the rest of us.»

Bjørn Narrenschiff Holter 

Bolverk, Ásmegin, Illnath, Trollfest,

Images at Twilight